Body hits/Squibs

Bodysquibs is something here at Danish Special Effects Service, that we can say we're extremely skillfull in.

It has been a key part of our company since the very beginning and the tradition has so far been carried out, well into the new millenium.

We have allways sought to archeive the best looking body squib hits and in the process of doing so, we have earned alot of know-how in this field.

Our repotoire include :

“Standard” body hits, which can be tailor made regarding size, blood amount, type of blood.

“Gone-Through” body hits which simulate a projetile entering and leaving a body with different size in front and exit wound.

“Synchronious hits” which are specifically made, for those shots where both the pistol firing, and the projectile hits, is seen in the same shot.

Last but not least, even though not really a squib, we have custom build devices specifically made for simulating head shots, which are air operated and in full sync with any type of weapon.

We offer a wide range of squib firing systems, all completely wireless for maximum flexibility and movement, specifically for your kind of job !

Recently we did a massive assignment, for an upcoming second-world-war drama starring James Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen, where he is shot 65 times by well over 100 soldiers, in less than three seconds!

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