Pelletguns/trunnion gun

Pelletguns & trunnion guns is another system, which can help highen the drama even more.

We have several different air-operated system which fires capsules and balls of content, at very high speed, towards anything from concrete to cars.

The pelletgun system is very flexible, which means that it can be used for a wide range of effect, all you need to do is load a different type of ammunition. Such ammunition include:

“Dust Pellets” - This is the most well known type of pellethit known to most people. It is a capsule filled with a special very fine dust powder, which can be used to simulate projectiles from gunfire, hitting drywall, wood, concrete ect. The dust comes in many different colours and the pellets can actually been fired without destroying the thing it hits, thefore enabling it to be used on rental cars and on locations – NON DESTRUCTIVE

“Sparkle Pellets”  -  A Hollywood favorite! This type of pellet produce a brilliant shower of sparks, when it hits something hard. It is normally used to simulate richocheting bullets on metal.

“Window Breakers” - Window breaker capsules are specifically designed for smashing windows without bouncing on after impact.

“Window Impact Pellets” - Pellets specifically designed for archieving that special spider web impact look, a window gets, when hit by a projectile, but without anything happening to the window!

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The Trunnion Gun system is basicly a cylendrical pipe that is closed in one end, with a controlled amount of pyro it can then shoot out a package like blod or a capusule. Because it can be mounted right onto a vehicle it is able to make precise shots, onto whatever one might want to shoot, while driving (usually used for windshields)

The first video below needed to film from the outside on an actor that whas inside, it had to look like protective glass, and only the outer glass should break.
The next demonstrates the setup, and that we usually have more than one, for either many takes, or for a salve of shots in the windshield.
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