Large explosions

Large explosions is what we do best... There is nothing better than large scale destruction !

Over the years we have blown up so much gasoline, gunpowder and explosives that we have lost count... We can supply you with practically any type of explosion you can think of, from big orange fireballs to whole buildings being obliverated in split seconds, we have the skills !

Some of the high-lights over the years has among other, been an fighter-jet assault on a millitary training facility in the desert, where we made our largest explosion to date, which required gasoline from several full-tankers to archieve.

nuclear explosion Screen Shot 2016 08 04 at 12.49.31 quiksilver vand eksplosion 22 kg05 Screen Shot 2016 08 04 at 12.56.18
Big gasoline explosion3 Done 0831 Eksplosion ystad Big explosion
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