Mechanical stunts can be many things, but they are typically effects, so powerfull and violent that they are too dangerous for even stuntmen!

A recent example would be a Danish action comedy where we were asked to crash a reall Cessna aeroplane into a city harbor waterfront which supposedly lost control after the actors parachuted from it. This was archieved by a massive ammount of steel wire, electronically operated release cables, and explosives for cutting the hull apart, when reaching the water, for a much more dramatical and violent crash. The plane was then hoisted allmost 60 metres up, by a mobile crane and at the right moment, released.

Although a Special Effects company, DSFX has over the years gathered much equipment and skills which would normally fall under the category “Stunts”. We do not perfom any stunt ourselves, we lead that to the proffesionals, but after all, stunt and special effects go after all, hand in hand

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