Showreel from 2008

Eventhough we have jet to update our shoowreel do we still think this one gives a good look intro what we are all about! As we see in our video are we about allmost everything that one could think of within the category of SFX.

Firereel 2013

As well as all sorts of effects have we as well made a only fire oriented showreel. Fire is usually first really interresting when it moves, this is why we felt that a "Firereel" was needed. We have though the years done a lot of different kinds of fire-effects so this is just a little tease, but it does give the picture.

Interviews & Behind the Scenes

Flame & Citron – Danish – Shootout

One of the movies that really used a loot of different kinds of war-effects from us was "Flame & Citron", here is an interview with Hummer about how it all went down.

Hamilton – Danish/Swedish – Mayor Explosions

A series with a lot of serious largescale effects was the mini-series "Hamilton". The interview focuses on a largescale explosion thatwhent down in Ouarzazate Morocco. The explosion was a rather complicated one and had actuel suntmen within all of the explosions, which only was posible because of the enormus through thinking that layed behind it.

Dear Wendy – Danish/English – Weapon Traning

For the movie "Dear Windy" we had a series of effects, but for it all to work well we first had a bunch of teens that trouout the film often had to shoot like they were born with a gun in their hands. So we took them out to our workshop and trained with them, all the way from the basics to the more complicated stuff.
We fell that when a project is build up this way it really gives a lot back to the cast and crew, because everyone can fell save to actually do their work without worries.

Vares – English – Rain & Atmosphere

An atmospherical film is definetly "Vares". This film was done in Finland, and almost each and every scene was done in rainy conditions, which is why we got called in on the film.

De fortabte Sjæles Ø – Danish – Constructions

For the fantasy film "De Fortabte Sjæles Ø" we did a mayor hydralic system where we had a tractor with kids on it, it had to look like they where driving it off road, which would be dangerous. Therefore this reg system was made instead.

7 Millionaires – Danish/English – Wires and Explosions

For the movie "7 Millionaries" we had a bunch of wire works and explosions. This is an interview with Hummer about how it whent down!
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