Rain & Wet down

Atmosphere effects have allways been an essential part of allmost any movie, and rain is no exception. What better way to accentuate the allready dramatic mood, than to make it rain?

We here at Danish Special Effects Service offer the complete line of rain effects for any type of assignment.  We own enough rain and water equipment such as hoses, nozzles and couplings to make a small fire-station extremely envious! With our own black firetruck, with it's own 8000L watertank, pumps and wetdown system, we are able to make it rain anywhere, anytime !

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on many extremely challenging and equally fun projects of many different types and sizes. A recent danish action adventure required a 200 meter long stretch of forrest road complety covered in rain while the heroes tries to escape the evil henchmen on a tractor, with 60km an hour. With over 35 raintowers running for allmost 24 hours, it was actually possible to see the water level in the nearby lake, where we took the water from, substantially lowered!

Sometimes it just need to look wet, like the rain just stopped, this is when it is great to have a 8000L watertanker that can drive while wetting down streets, forrests or where ever it can drive, and if you have a corner that it can't reach, well then it's great to have a water canon on the tankers roof that can be controlled by a technician!

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