Propane/Air cannons / Woofers

Propane and air mortars are some of our most sought after equipment, and has been, ever since the early days.

Propane explosions are remarkable in the way that they are very “non-destructive” compared to real explosives and pyrotechnics, as it's propane being ignited. It produces a brilliant gasoline type explosion but with little heat and high safety.

Our company has two in-house manufactured “Propane Woofers” which are electronically computer controlled and can be used for everything from concerts to movie sets. Through the interface, the woofer can be programmed to create completely identical explosions, time after time, with sizes ranging from a dining table, to the size of a large van!

Air mortars are one of our most basic and most used pieces of equipment, every time you have an explosion which then cuts to a closer shot of an actor → use air mortars!
A airmortar like a propane mortar is basicly a tank with a ventile, you then fill up the tank with compressed propane or air and then open the ventile. If you then have a container in front of the air mortar you'll be able to shoot out soft debries. That simple!
Propane and air mortars come a variety of sizes from a 1L tank to a 1000L tank – which is enough to trough around with a whole marketplace!

in this gallery you'll se some different demonstrations:
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