Weapons Rental and Training

Danish Special Effects Service is known internationally for its huge selection of specialty weapons which have been collected by its owners through several decades.

This means that we have a wide range of weapons for practially any kind of movie, from scifi action movies to first world war movies. We carry all kinds of weapons ranging from pistols, revolvers to rifles, SMG's and LMG's to flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

As long time partakers in the movie business, we know how important is is for actors to aqquire the proper weapons handling training before filming. Without the proper training, even the most skilled actor will look completely out of place if he cannot use his weapon correctly. When renting weapons from Danish Special Effects Service, training and guidance is therefore allways included in our dayprice, when on location. Furthermore for those special jobs, we work closely together with best millitary advisors, active millitary members and special forces units, to give your movie that extra edge.

For access to our online weapons database on blank firering weapons, please contact us.

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Amager Landevej 273
DK-2770 Kastrup


Pho.: +45 325 733 05
Mobile: +45 408 119 66
E-mail: hummer@dsfx.dk
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